What you will learn from this eBook

  • Visit Anomalous Ancient Sites

    We show you that scattered across Australia and beyond are numerous ancient sites that point towards a forgotten ET contact event.

  • Directed Transmigration

    Find out how the science of reincarnation played a central role in the creation of the first modern humans and the founding of civilization.

  • Shamanism

    Many of the experiences that provided information for this book would be classed as shamanic events. Learn more about Earths oldest spiritual path.

  • Egyptians

    Discover the true source of ancient Egyptian wisdom and see evidence of the voyages they made so as to retrieve that knowledge

  • ET Races

    Were the Pleiadians the only ET race to visit this planet? Find out more about the races that are interested in this world.

  • Consciousness

    How does the lost history of ET contact and relate to the greater subject of human consciousness?

This book is a must read! Was given this book by a friend, and could not put it down! If you are interested in Native culture, ancient Earth and human history, then this is one for you!
John Doe
Wendy A. Dunn
So many obvious clues are left for this primitive human population on our earth to find! We are mostly not ready to have the truth, but findings of this nature, some humans with gifts of greater enlightenment, and the ongoing digs and discoveries, enlightenment for many more cannot be far away.
Jane Doe
Charlotte J. Robson
Anyone interested in Pleiadian history in relation to earth will love this book. Great insights both through hard evidence and intuition/astral travel.
Jimmy Doe
N. Markova

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Lots of full colour images and copies of ancient glyphs

  • See witness representations of ET beings
  • Read translations of ancient glyphs
  • Learn secret ancient aural history
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A word from the Authors

This is not your ordinary history or archaeology book nor is it your typical esoteric or supernatural investigation. Within the pages is a blend of multiple types of sources presented by four distinct author experiences.

I will say straight out that this is not a book for those that believe only in the physical materialist paradigm, if that is your worldview then don't waste your time reading. If however you have an open mind and are aware that there is more to this reality than meets the eye there is much to be gained from taking this ridewith us.

This is not the entire story of course and we strongly encourage you to follow our ongoing research work and read the many articles that we share on the websites www.ForgottenOrigin.com and www.Earth4All.net which often expand on this information.

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